Fugoflex 0 – 4 – Index – 5kg (interior use)

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For grouting interior joints on floor and walls.

Advantages :

• FUGOFLEX offers you optimal adhesion on various types of support.
• Optimal resistance to humidity, oils and solvents thanks to its excellent waterproof properties.
• Sanitizing: preventing the growth of bacteria, fungi and molds.
• It has controlled shrinkage to avoid cracking.

Tips :

• Too much water in the mix can alter the characteristics of the products, such as mechanical resistance and shrinkage, and can cause whitish bloom of insoluble calcium carbonate.
• The mix should never be fluid.
• You can also make small mixes by hand, but take into account that the different amounts of water between a mix and the
other can give rise to different colour shades of the joints.
• Do not apply FUGOFLEX at temperatures below +5°C.
• Clean the tools with water straight after use.
• Protect Tuscan terracotta with a film of wax before grouting.
• For tiles with polished surfaces or microporous enamels (such as light coloured polished porcelain stoneware or natural stone), do a preliminary test on a small portion to check whether it is cleanable.
• For very absorbent tiles it is best to dampen before grouting.
• Store in a dry place.