Flexbond Maxi – Index – 25kg

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Extra-strong adhesive with improved adhesion and flexibility for interior and exterior fixing of ceramic and natural stone tiles, insulating panels and surfaces subject to movement. Use for overlaying and heated floors application. Frost resistant.

Problem :

Application of large tiles absorbing less than 0.5% on irregular support.

Solution :

Laying large format ceramic tiles with large thickness tolerances on uneven floor/wall roughs, calls for an adhesive that can support large thickness values to compensate these problems.
FLEXIBOND MAXI is a premixed powder adhesive containing cement, selected quartz sands, powder resins and special additives ensuring excellent adhesion on all normal floor/wall roughs containing cement or by overlaying.

Application Fields :

FLEXBOND MAXI is particularly suitable for laying clinker, porcelain stoneware and singlefired large sized tiles, natural stone and tiles with high tolerances on the reverse side, on new floors and on top of existent ones, for both interior and exterior applications. It is indicated for bonding tiles to uneven substrates with a difference in thickness, on smooth prefabricated concrete supports and on heated floors.

Advantages :

• Highly workable.
• Highly adhesive.
• Large format tiles and natural stones with high tolerance values can be bonded on uneven floor/wall roughs.

Tips :

• Don’t use on surfaces made of metal, rubber, vinyl floors, wood, linoleum or PVC.

• If the back of the tiles are very dusty, it is recommended to clean them by dipping them quickly in water.

• In adverse weather conditions (high temperatures, wind) the normal open time may be shorter. Therefore you must make sure the adhesive has not formed a “skin” before laying the tile, which would compromise adhesion. If a “skin” has formed on the surface, simply refresh the adhesive by crossing again with the toothed trowel without wetting.
• In high temperatures wetting the foundation helps to increase the open time.
• Never use with temperatures below +5°C and high than +35°C. Protect tiles from rain, frost and high temperature for 24 hours at least.
• In hot weather avoid laying the adhesive on large surface areas.
• Damp surfaces can slow the setting of the product.
• When overlaying, the surfaces must be washed well with water and caustic soda (9:1).
• Clean the tools with water and the covered surfaces with a damp cloth immediately after use.
• Do not expose the material to direct sunlight in hot weather.
• Store the original closed packaging in a dry place.