Maxibond Cement-Based Adhesive – Index – 20kg

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High-adhesion, cement-based adhesive for application of ceramic tiles on internal and external floors and lining.

Problem :

Application of large tiles absorbing less than 0.5%, even when overlaid.

Solution :

Laying ceramic tiles of various types on vertical and horizontal surfaces requires adhesives that to ease the job, with a high resistance to slipping and an excellent adjustment time. MAXIBOND is a pre-mixed powder adhesive made of cement, selected quartz sands and special powder resins that increase the adhesion and the resistance along with additives that guarantee a highly thixotropic and workable product so the tiles of significant weight won’t slip.

Application Fields :

MAXIBOND is used for bonding clinker, porcelain stoneware, single-fired, natural stone and cotta tiles on any type of interior and exterior substrate normally used in the building trade. It is used universally on floors, walls and ceilings for thin-layer bonding applications.

Advantages :

• Long pot life making laying easier.
• Excellent adjustment time.
• Excellent adhesion on various supports.
• Good resistance to slipping.

Tips :

• Don’t use on surfaces made of metal, rubber, vinyl floors, wood, linoleum or PVC.
• If the back of the tiles are very dusty, it is recommended to clean them by dipping them quickly in water.
• In adverse weather conditions (high temperatures, wind) the normal open time may be shorter. Therefore you must make sure the adhesive has not formed a “skin” before laying the tile, which would compromise adhesion. If a “skin” has formed on the surface, simply refresh the adhesive by crossing again with the toothed trowel without wetting.
• In high temperatures wetting the foundation helps to increase the open time.
• Never use with temperatures below +5°C and high than +35°C. Protect tiles from rain, frost and high temperature for 24 hours at least.
• In hot weather avoid laying the adhesive on large surface areas.
• Damp surfaces can slow the setting of the product.
• Do not use for overlaying existing flooring.
• Do not use the product in thicknesses of more than 6-7 mm.
• Clean the tools with water and the covered surfaces with a damp cloth immediately after use.
• Do not expose the material to direct sunlight in hot weather.
• Store the original closed packaging in a dry place.