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Buffered acid based detergent for cleaning ceramic tiles, natural stones and concrete.

Problem :

Remove cement crusting without damaging floors with tiles.

Solution :

EXTRACLEAN is a specific product containinga special organic acid which does not produce toxic fumes harmful for one’s health, but has an excellent descaling action equal to that of stronger acids. EXTRACLEAN is supplied as a concentrated liquid.

Application Fields :

EXTRACLEAN is a specific product for removing traces of cement, lime, efflorescence and oily surface stains.
It can be used for cleaning ceramic tile floors or wall tiling.
EXTRACLEAN is particularly indicated for cleaning terracotta tiles before treating them with a protective product; furthermore it can be used to remove efflorescent.

Advantages :

• Does not produce dangerous fumes.
• Does not damage the surface of the tiles.
• Makes cleaning fast and easy.

Tips :

• Avoid using EXTRACLEAN on marble, calcareous stone and glazed tiles or facings which are not resistant to acids.
• Wait at least one week after grouting before cleaning the grouting spaces.