Unolastic Waterproof – Index – 20 / 10 / 5 kg

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One component water based elastomeric bitumen waterproofing product, that can be coated with cement mortar and paint. It can be left exposed and occasionally be subject to foot traffic. It is resistant against water stagnation.

Application warnings and conditions to be avoided :

  • UNOLASTIC must be stored in a cool place at temperatures above +5°C and protected from direct sunlight. It cannot be used once frozen.
  •  Do not apply in bad weather conditions because the damp layer could be washed away with rainwater or ruined
    by dew or frost.
  • Do not apply in extremely hot or cold conditions. The correct application temperature is +5°C÷+35°C.
    With temperatures less than +10°C, add the additive ACCELERATOR to reduce the product drying time.
  •  It is not suitable for painting concrete drinking water storage tanks.
  • Strictly avoid inverting the laying phases; in other words, do not lay the membrane first and then fulfil the details with UNOLASTIC. The film of UNOLASTIC would detach, should it be applied on membranes without slate-treated surfaces.