Resisto-Rep For Thick Structural Refurbishments Of Concrete – Index – 25kg

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Fiber-reinforced thixotropic mortar with improved adhesion and compensated shrinkage for thick structural refurbishments of concrete without form-work.

Problem :

Repairing and rendering degraded concrete.

Solution :

RESISTO REP is a premixed powder, ready for use, containing high-strength cement, selected aggregates, synthetic fibres and additives which ensure excellent work-ability and adhesion to the substrate. Once mixed with water it forms a thixotropic mortar, which is easy to apply even on vertical surfaces even in large thicknesses and without the need for formwork.

Application Fields :

RESISTO REP is particularly suitable for repairs, grouting, reconstruction over reinforcement, plasters with good anti-carbonation characteristics, repairs of corners of beams and pillars and of the front faces of balconies, and anti-carbonation rendering on concrete damaged by the oxidation of the reinforcement rods. It can be used for forming joining mouldings in canals, viaducts and hydraulic works in general.
The product is suitable for all those jobs where considerable thicknesses are required without using formwork.

Advantages :

• Ease of use.
• Good adhesion to concrete surfaces.
• Highly thixotropic – does not drip.
• Shrink-resistance and reinforcing fibers eliminate the possible formation of cracks even when thickly applied.

Tips :

• Use cold water in summer and water at 20°C in winter.
• Application temperature from +5°C to +35°C.
• Do not add water once the mix has started to set.
• Do not add any other materials such as cement, aggregates and additives.
• In hot weather, keep damping the finished mortar surface for at least 24 hours to stop it from drying out too quickly.
• In hot weather (if temperature is over 30°C) open time is reduced to 20-30 minutes.
• Do not apply on smooth surfaces.
• Straight after application, clean tools with water and the coated surfaces with a damp cloth.
• Do not expose the material to the sun in hot weather.
• Store in original closed packaging in a dry place.