Osmoflex AB Waterproofing Cement-Base – Index -25kg

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Two-component waterproofing and flexible cement-containing hydraulic binders and resins dispersed in water for protection and waterproofing of concrete, terraces, roofs, pools, fissured plasters, etc. To be applied by stainless steel spatula in 2 mm thickness at maximum.

Component A: cement-based with additives (25 kg) +

Component B: water-based latex (8.7 kg).

Problem :

To Waterproof :

  • Tanks
  • Swimming Pool
  • Balconies
  • Bathroom and Showers Tanks

Concrete structures designed to withstand mechanical or dynamic strain may be subject to deterioration problems such as micro or macro cracking caused by continuous structural movements following settling of the ground, thermal expansion and vibrations. These micro cracks are the main cause for deterioration, which may even occur quite rapidly, due to  infiltration of water or through oxidation of the reinforcement caused by atmospheric chemical aggression.

Solution : 

OSMOFLEX AB is a two-part waterproofing treatment. The first component is a premixed powder consisting of hydraulic binders, selected aggregates, additives to improve work-ability and impermeability. The second component is a latex formed of special synthetic polymers in aqueous solution. The two components are mixed together to form a mortar that is easy to apply and that bonds  well to all types of background. OSMOFLEX AB forms an elastic waterproof coating capable of absorbing structural movements of concrete without cracking and which is impermeable to aggressive atmospheric gases such as CO2-SO2.

Application Fields :

OSMOFLEX AB is used for:
• to waterproof structures requiring long-term protection against water infiltration, including structures subject to pressure and vibration such as water tanks and swimming pools;
• waterproof screeds, balconies, terraces and bathrooms.
• smoothing and leveling concrete surfaces and as a protection against carbonation for structures and plasters with fine cracks;
• for the protection of concrete surfaces subject to chemical attack from salts or sulphates;
• form an elastic joint between floor slabs and walls, floors and thresholds, pipes and masonry, etc.. It also adheres to the back of ceramic tiles.

Advantages : 

• High degree of work-ability allowing coverage of cracks up to 1 mm wide in the background without deterioration or damage to the coating.
• Excellent adhesion to various types of surface.
• Highly impermeable to water.
• Resistant to frost-thaw cycles; maintains high degree of plasticity even at low temperatures.
• Easy to apply to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• Non-toxic.
• OSMOFLEX forms a flexible coating that is impermeable to CO2, SO2, chlorides and sulfates.

Tips :

• Don’t use on metal or rubber surfaces, vinyl flooring, wood, linoleum or PVC
• Do not apply at temperatures below +5°C; once frozen, component B can no longer be used.
• Store the powder component in a dry, cool place, sealed in its original container.
• Do not add cement or aggregates to the mortar.
• Do not apply OSMOFLEX AB in thickness greater than 2 mm.
• For best results do not mix by hand; always use a mechanical mixer.
• In the case of negative pressure waterproofing, the surfaces should be treated with OSMOSEAL.
• Protect the coating from rain until it has set.
• Wash tools immediately after use.