Osmoseal waterproofing cement – Index -25kg

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Waterproofing osmotic cement containing highly resistant hydraulic binders, special additives, selected inerts and resins in powder form for internal waterproofing of garages, lift-shafts, cellars, warehouse, etc. It is applied by brush in two layers on concrete surfaces or cementitious plasters suitable for thanks containing drinkable water.


Problem :

  • Waterproofing underground spaces.
  • Water from infiltrations, unconfined aquifer or normal humidity formed in the land where the foundations lay is the main source of degradation and thus unaccessibly to underground or partially underground spaces.
    In addition to the high humidity rate that makes the spaces unusable, the salts dissolved in the water cause the plaster to detach. In the most serious cases, in the presence of unconfined aquifer, the water pushed by hydro-static pressure tends to reach the same external level inside of the space, through cracks or empty capillaries.

Solution :

The lack of suitable waterproofing or defects in the same, in addition to causing significant damage, always makes subsequent curative treatments difficult and expensive. Therefore, it is fundamental to prevent and protect these structures from possible water penetration with a waterproof cement coating particularly resistant to aggressive agents, impacts and abrasions during back-filling.
OSMOSEAL is a premix in powder form, based on high-strength hydraulic binders, water-repellent additives, powdered resins and selected aggregates. It comes as a powder for mixing with water at the time of use.
OSMOSEAL is reactive with respect to calcium hydroxide, forming stable and insoluble compounds. OSMOSEAL provides the perfect supplement to the substrate, creating an insoluble crystal formation which blocks the capillaries by osmosis. The special additives which it contains form, with the cement, a double layer which is impermeable to water, maintaining a crystallizing effect (osmotic healing) over time.

Application Fields :

It is used to waterproof from the inside concrete structures under aquifers subject to infiltration, such as foundation walls, basements, spaces for lifts, underground garages and deposits.
OSMOSEAL is suitable to waterproof concrete internal and external walls of: tanks, water containers, and to waterproof new or degraded concrete items of: channels, pipes, tunnels.The OSMOSEAL application may also be extended to brick, stone surfaces, provided that a suitable IDROPLAN type plaster support is created, and is perfectly
anchored to the structure to be waterproofed. OSMOSEAL is also used as waterproofing bottom coating to integrate POROVENT or DEUMISAN dehumidifying plasters in the rehabilitation cycle of the masonry in contact with the soil affected by penetrating damp and/or rising damp.

Advantages :

• The ease of application makes the intervention inexpensive and quick.
• High penetration and adhesion to the support.
• It keeps the permeability to water vapor.
• High resistance to pressurized water.
• Ideal for drinking water containers.

Special care must be taken when wetting the concrete support in order to create the conditions for OSMOSEAL to absorb all the water needed for the osmotic process and for the hardening chemical reactions. Thus it is fundamental to wet the support carefully several times until saturation. Excess water in the form of a surface layer must be removed with a sponge.

Tips :

• Use cold water in the summer and at 20°C in the winter.
• Application Temperature from +5°C to +35°C.
• During the summer and on windy days, it is necessary to pay particular attention to keeping the waterproofed surfaces suitably wet with nebulised water in order to avoid rapid dehydration.
• Avoid the superficial layer of water.
• Do not apply on supports subject to structural or settling movements. Use, in these cases, in combination with the LATIFLEX flexibilising acrylic resin, or use OSMOLASTIC.
• To create a good bond to flaky or crumbling masonry, it is necessary to also prepare a reinforced plaster, in addition to the normal preliminary superficial cleaning works.
• A useful precaution is to wait 48 hours before loading the finished waterproofing.
• Clean the tools with water and the coated surfaces with a wet cloth immediately after laying.
• Do not expose the material to the sun in hot weather.
• Store in a dry place closed in the original packaging.