Geniustrong High Adhesion – Index – 25kg

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High-adhesion, one component, special highly deformable super adhesive for application of precious or totally unabsorbent tiles like porcelain stoneware, natural stones, composite stone, mosaic and marble tiles, on interior and exterior floors and walls also when overlaying existing tiles.

Problem :

Safe application of special or completely unabsorbant materials.

Solution :

GENIUSTRONG is a pre-mixed powdered medium-fast setting mortar made of special cements, powdered resins, selected quartz sands and special additives that make it extremely workable and offer excellent bonding even with totally non-absorbent tiles. It can be used in place of classic two-component adhesives offering the advantages of greater coverage and
greater work-ability.

Application Fields :

GENIUSTRONG is particularly suitable for bonding porcelain stoneware, natural stone, engineered stone and mosaic tiles. It can be used on any cement-based substrates, either new or existent, for both interior and exterior applications. It is
also suitable for laying on heated floors. Finally, it is also used for laying in swimming pools.

Advantages :

• Excellent workability compared to classic two component latex-added products.
• Excellent bonding even tile over tile.
• Used to bond even large non-absorbent tiles, natural stone and mosaics.
• Medium fast curing with a long open time permit fast and secure applications.
• It is suitable for application in swimming pools.

Tips :

• Don’t use on surfaces made of metal, rubber, vinyl floors, wood, linoleum or PVC..
• If the back of the tiles are very dusty, it is recommended to clean them by dipping them quickly in water.
• In adverse weather conditions (high temperatures, wind) the normal open time may be shorter. Therefore you must make sure the adhesive has not formed a “skin” before laying the tile, which would compromise adhesion. If a “skin” has formed on the surface, simply refresh the adhesive by crossing again with the toothed trowel without wetting.