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Easy to clean, antibacterial, waterproof and stain- proof ceramic coated sealant for grouting joints of 1 to 20 mm, with high chemical resistance. Free from colorants additives.


Problem :

Grounting joints exposed to chemical aggression.

Solution :

The joints of surfaces exposed to chemical substances require a very strong sealant that is able to withstand prolonged contact with chemically aggressive substances. FUGOPOX COLOR AB is a two-component epoxy grout with silica sand filler and special additives which give it excellent workability and good bonding properties with a variety of different supports. Once laid, it sets by chemical reaction; the hardened product offers excellent properties of mechanical and chemical resistance. It is suitable for floor and wall tiling, thanks to perfect workability. The special composition without colorant additives makes the product easier and quicker to clean than normal cement-based grouts.

Application Fields :

FUGOPOX COLOR AB is used internally and externally, on floors or walls, wherever high resistance to chemical and acid aggression or foodstuff processing is required. Principal uses are to laboratories, restaurants, bathrooms, leisure centers, industrial floors, swimming pools, purification basins, acid-resistant flooring and walls in dairies, foodstuff companies, hospitals, etc. FUGOPOX COLOR AB may also be used as an adhesive and as a grouter.

Advantages :

• Excellent resistance to chemical agents.
• Vast range of applications with all types of tiles.
• Excellent bonding properties to a variety of different supports and coatings.
• Solid and uniform colors.

Tips :

• Do not use it on expansion joints or joints subject to movement.
• Clean the coatings before the product has set and equipment immediately after use.
• In case of tiles with honed surfaces or microporous paints, test a small portion before applying over the whole area, to make sure that it can be cleaned.
• When grouting natural stone tiles, test for the possible absorption of the epoxy resin to make sure it will not cause permanent stains before application.