Elastoliquid Waterproofing – Index – 25 / 5 kg

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Elastomeric decorative waterproof coating made of modified acrylic copolymers dispersed in water for protecting concrete from aggressive atmospheric agents even in the presence of micro-cracking.

Problem :

Waterproofing concrete structures with complex form.

Solution :

ELASTOLIQUID is a liquid elastomeric waterproofing coating containing modified acrylic copolymers dispersed in water.
After drying, ELASTOLIQUID forms a flexible, tough film which adheres perfectly to the surface on which it has been applied.

Application Fields :

ELASTOLIQUID is recommended for covering and waterproofing concrete roofs. It can also be used for waterproofing concrete terraces before stoneware or clinker tiles are bonded on, and, generally, on surfaces with complex geometrical shapes, where polymer bitumen membranes cannot be
applied. ELASTOLIQUID is suitable for waterproofing of concrete surfaces and polymer-bitumen membranes with slates which are self-protected by slate chippings or mineral granules. On polymer-bitumen membranes or on old bituminous membranes the adhesion may vary depending on the age of the system and therefore the oil content still present in the bitumen. In these cases it will be necessary to test the adhesion of ELASTOLIQUID before proceeding with the application.

Advantages :

• Reduces concrete carbonation.
• Excellent protection from aggressive agents in the air.
• The product is not flammable in a liquid state.
• Atoxic product.

Tips :

• Apply only to surfaces where rainwater drains properly; do not apply on surfaces subject to standing water.
• Do not apply on very hot surfaces because the film-forming process would be accelerated excessively with negative consequences on the product’s cohesion and bonding to the surface.
• Keep the containers sealed before use.
• Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C. Do not apply in excessively hot or cold conditions. Do not apply when there is a risk of the temperature falling below +5°C while the painted film is drying.
• Do not apply in very damp conditions or if there is the risk of rain while the film is still drying.
• Not suitable for foot traffic. The coating can be walked for periodic maintenance purposes only.

• After use clean the tools with water and, if the product has dried, it is recommended to remove it with white spirit or hot water.
• Not frost-proof, keep at temperatures above +5°C.