Unibond Cement-Base Adhesive – Index – 25kg

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Adhesive for thin layer application of ceramic tiles, natural stone for interior, exterior floors and walls. It can be easily worked and has a good handling time. Frost resistant. It can be mixed with Elastobond latex to improve its characteristics in order to meet requirements of Class C2. According to European Norms prEN 12004. Type and Class C1 Standard Cementitious Adhesive.


Problem : 

  • For the setting of tiles up to 30 x 30 cm and absorption of water up to 0.5%.

Solution : 

  • Unibond is a premixed powder adhesive made of cement, prime quartz sands and special additives that guarantee an excellent level of work ability and adhesion to various supports.
    Unibond enables tiles to be applied also on upright walls without slippage.

Application fields : 

  • Unibond is used for interior and exterior bonding of ceramic tiles on the surfaces normally used in the building industry.
    It is used for thin-layer bonding on floors and walls.
  • Unibond must be mixed with ELASTOBOND when used on exterior floors and walls, prefabricated or generally very smooth concrete surfaces, walls or floors subject to strong oscillations, heated floors or nonabsorbent tiles like porcelain stoneware or clinker and large sized natural stone tiles.

Advantages : 

  • Sufficient handling time to facilitate application.
  • Excellent adhesion to various surfaces.
  •  Unibond is a versatile adhesive which may be used in ordinary applications, and in more difficult cases in conjunction with ELASTOBOND.

Tips :

In high temperatures wetting the foundation helps to increase the open time.
• Never use with temperatures below +5°C and high than +35°C. Protect tiles from rain, frost and high temperature for 24 hours at least.
• In hot weather avoid laying the adhesive on large surface areas.
• Damp surfaces can slow the setting of the product.
• Do not use for overlaying existing flooring.
• Do not use the product in thicknesses of more than 6-7 mm.
• Clean the tools with water and the covered surfaces with a damp cloth immediately after use.
• Do not expose the material to direct sunlight in hot weather.
• Store the original closed packaging in a dry place.