Power Generator (Petrol) TC-PG 10/E5

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  • Einhell
Technical data
Type of generator Synchronous
Frequency 50 Hz
Continous power (S1) at 230 V 680 W
Max. power | time (230 V) 800 W
Power (S2 | S2time) at 230 V 700 W | 5 min
Nominal current at 230 V 2.96 A
230 V socket 1 Pieces
Engine two-stroke, air cooled
Number of cylinders 1 Pieces
Engine displacement 63.5 cm³
Engine speed 3000 min^-1
Max. engine power 1 kW
Fuel Mixture
Capacity of fuel tank 4 L
Running time with 2/3 load 6.6 h
Logistical data
Length 430 mm
Width 353 mm
Height 365 mm
Gross weight single packaging 20.3 kg
Product weight 18.8 kg

The Einhell TC-PG 10/E5 generator (petrol) is powered by a powerful, robust and clean 2-stroke motor and generates a continuous output of 680 W: It is ideal wherever electricity needs to be generated independently of the mains supply: in allotments, on building sites, when camping, in worksheds and garages, or even for vacations. The electricity is supplied via a standard 230 V socket to which all devices can be connected, such as lamps, gardening equipment, tools or kitchen appliances. The Einhell generator has a support frame for protecting the device and for user-friendly transport, and sturdy legs ensure that it stands firmly and safely in operation. To protect the generator and connected equipment it has an overload cut-out and a low oil cut-out. Starting the generator is simplicity itself thanks to a cable pull.

  • Powerful, robust and clean 2-stroke drive motor
  • One 230 V socket where a consumer can be supplied with power
  • Carry-frame for protection of the device and easy transport
  • Stable feet for a safe stand during operation
  • Overload switch to protect the socket in case of overload
  • Easy to use cable pull for starting