High Tack

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  • Den Braven

The one and only original adessive with extremely high initial tack

High Tack is a high quality professional adhesive with an extremely high initial tack based on hybrid technology which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic rubber.


  • Extremely high initial tack
  • No fixation or support needed during curing
  • High mechanical resistance, end strength and E-modulus
  • Free of isocyanates, phthalates, solvents and silicones
  • Permanently elastic
  • No shrinkage and bubble free
  • Non corrosive towards metals
  • Neutral curing, almost odorless
  • Good resistance to moisture and weather
  • Adheres perfectly without primer on most, even damp, surfaces


High Tack has been specially developed as a universal adhesive for bonding many building materials such as: stone, concrete, mirrors, glass, plasterboard, PU, PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramic, copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminum, metals, alloys, stainless steel, HPL and cement fiber panels(1), wood and paintsystems.


White, Black


Shelf Life

In unopened original packaging between +5°C and +25°C, shelf life till 18 months after production date, stored in a dry place.