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Plastomeric distilled polymer-bitumen waterproofing membranes made of distilled bitumen and plastomers.

The MONOFLEX membranes are made up of distilled bitumen, selected for industrial use, with elastomeric and plastomeric polymers added to obtain a phase inversion compound whose continuous phase is formed by polymers in which the bitumen is dispersed, where the characteristics are determined by the polymeric matrix and not by the bitumen even if this is the most consistent ingredient.
The performance of the bitumen is therefore increased along with the durability and the resistance to high and low temperatures while the already optimum adhesive and waterproofing qualities of the bitumen remain unchanged. MONOFLEX is produced in various weights and reinforced with fibreglass mat and in stabilized “non woven” polyester fabric.
MONOFLEX POLYESTER is reinforced with a rot-proof “non woven” polyester fabric composite, stabilized with fibreglass mat which is very strong and elastic with optimal dimensional stability in hot conditions which reduces the problems of the straightness and the retraction of head lap joints as it is 2 to 3 times more stable than normal reinforcements in “non woven” polyester fabric. The MONOFLEX POLYESTER membranes, have the upper face of the membrane coated
with a uniformly distributed sand or Flamina which make it possible to quickly unroll the rolls and install the membranes with the reliable and fast welding of the joints.
The underside of the membranes is coated with Flamina, a plastic film that melts when torched and which is embossed both to obtain the pretension and therefore the optimal retraction of the film and also to offer the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation. When the membrane is dry laid or spot bonded, the embossing diffuses the vapor.

ِApplication Fields :

The long lasting strength, elasticity and stability at high and low temperatures make MONOFLEX POLYESTER membrane ideal for use in non cold climates, as a single or multi-layer waterproofing system either for new building work or for refurbishment:
• On all sloping surfaces: on flat, vertical and curved surfaces.
• On different types of substrates: site-cast or prefabricated concrete substrates, on timber roofing, on the most common thermal insulation used in the building trade.
• For the various uses: terraces, flat and sloping roofs, dielectric coatings and walls in contact with the ground.