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Solvent-based primer. Bituminous solution containing bitumen and quick-drying solvents meeting Motorways Specifications, also suitable for application on damp substrates.

Problem :

Block the dust on concrete support.

Solution :

INDEVER is a bituminous primer made of a compound of solvents and oxidised bitumens. If applied as a thick waterproofing paint, when dry, INDEVER produces a film with a strong anchorage on every type of substrate without any degree of superficial stickiness. It also has excellent penetrating, adherence and consolidation properties when applied to dry concrete surfaces.

Application Fields :

INDEVER is suitable for saturating cement decks in addition to preparing an excellent anchorage for liquid bituminous waterproof coverings or prefabricated polymer-bitumen membranes. INDEVER fixes superficial cement dust providing excellent adhesion for waterproofing layers which require a strong and permanent adhesion to the support. INDEVER is specifically used for applications on dry concrete viaducts and bridges before the application of polymer-bitumen membranes. INDEVER is used as a waterproofing paint on cement foundation walls, as a fixative and consolidating primer or surfaces in cement, timber and metal. Furthermore, INDEVER is used to protect and waterproof pipes and metal tanks or pipes both outdoors or underground.


  • Rapid drying film
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Non-sticky
  • High penetration.

Tips :

  •  Indever must be totally dry before installation of torch-on membranes. Drying time will vary depending on site conditions including temperature, humidity, ventilation and porosity of the substrate. Allow minimum 3 hours (if perfectly exposed to the sun) and up to 8 hours (or more) in more critical conditions.
  • Do not use inside houses or in non-ventilated environments
  •  Do not apply Indever on wet or very damp surfaces
  • Do not mix Indever with cement or water
  • We recommend mixing Indever well before use, until the product istotally homogenised
  • Do not use Indever to waterproof tanks, cellars or drains
  •  Do not use Indever to waterproof surfaces or containers in contactwith liquids for human consumption, drinking water or which maycome into contact with solvents or mineral oils
  •  After use clean tools using diesel or other common thinners (synthetic, white spirit or nitro thinner). It is recommended to immerse the tools in the thinner also during use, to prevent any product residue drying and making the tools unusable.