METAL PRIMER Zinc Phosphate

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Spray Use airless spray or conventional spray
Brush Recommended for stripe coating and small areas, care must be taken to achieve
the specified dry film thickness.
Roller May be used for small areas but not recommended for first primer coat

Zinc Phosphate primer is a high performance primer for all metallic surfaces. It increases
corrosion control and promotes topcoat adhesion and helps preventing chipping, cracking
and peeling.
1- Inhibits rust and corrosion
2- High resistance to salt spray, UV emissions and weather conditions
3- Bonds directly to most metal surfaces
4- Good leveling and coverage
5- Fast drying
6- Excellent compatibility with a wide range of topcoats
It is recommended for steel structures and surfaces exposed to corrosive environments. It
is also recommended for overcoating of zinc primed steel and for applications on light
metal alloy surfaces. It is used for only air-drying applications. It can be overcoated with
Alkyd based paints. It is suitable for interior and exterior use in alkyd systems.
Surfaces should be solid, clean and dry, free from oil, grease, salt, dust and other
1- Alkaline and acid surfaces should be cleaned and neutralized.
2- Deteriorated previous coatings, weak and blistered paints or chalky substances
should be removed by scrapers, paint removers or flame spraying.
3- Non-disintegrated paints or glossy surfaces of previous coatings should be
roughened slightly with sand paper to ensure good undercoat adhesion.
4- Corroded and/or damaged areas should be blast cleaned.
5- Other surfaces: For aluminum substrates, thorough washing and sweeping with a
nonmetallic blast medium is required.