Epoxy Primer Washborne

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1- Mix the 2 components according to the following mixing ratio
 Epoxy Primer Clear 1 USG –> 1Kg Hardener
1 Pail –> 5 Kg Hardener
 Epoxy Primer White 1 USG –> 2Kg Hardener
1 Pail –> 10 Kg Hardener

Thin with water.
2- Apply one coat on the substrate.
Clean tools and equipment with water immediately after use.

A premium quality two-component water-based epoxy concrete primer that provides the
advantages of epoxy coatings: excellent adhesion, toughness, chemical resistance and
durability with the convenience of a water-based low odor and V.O.C. free system. Ideal
for areas where food contact is involved.
1- Low odor and VOC free
2- Superb adhesion to concrete
3- Excellent coverage
4- Good early strength characteristics
5- Good chemical resistance
6- Abrasion Resistance
For application in areas where solvent based paint systems are unsuitable and where high
durability is required: Dairies and milking factories, food factories and breweries,
hospitals and schools, abattoirs and fisheries, warehouses, factories, workshops etc.
Surface to be coated must be clean, dry, and free of all foreign contaminants including
grease, oil, dirt and loose paint. Abrasive blasting is recommended where applicable. Dirt and
dust are best removed with a stiff bristle brush and by compressed air. Grease and oil should
be removed by cleaning with appropriate solvents such as mineral spirits.
To cure pores and holes use Epoxy Putty with its corresponding hardener