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Waterproof elastic two component epoxy polyurethane super adhesive for difficult supports for laying ceramic tiles, natural stone and composite stone on interior and exterior floors and walls.

Problem :

Application on difficult unabsorbant substrates subject to high strains

Solution :

The application of tiles and sheet material of various types on difficult surfaces which are subjected to vibration and deformation requires an all purpose product which will provide efficient adhesion together with flexibility and impermeability. ELASTOCOL AB is a two-part polyurethane paste adhesive of which part B is the hardening agent. Setting takes place as the result of chemical reaction between components A and B, without water or solvents. The mix which results is a viscous, thixotropic paste which once hardened becomes a flexible, rubbery product which is extremely adhesive and waterproof.

Application Fields :

ELASTOCOL AB is used to apply ceramic tiles, marble, mosaics, natural stone, timber, bathroom accessories, rubber and pvc as well as textile materials both outdoors and indoors, on new floors and walls or on top of existent ones. It adheres to all surfaces commonly used in building, including difficult surfaces subjected to elastic deformation and vibrations such as timber, chipboard, metal sheet, bitu-minous membranes, etc. Some application examples are as follows:
• tiles in showers, swimming pool;
• ceramic tiles or natural stone on balconies and terraces;
• mosaics on wooden kitchen floors;
• brickwork on top of bituminous membranes.
It is also suitable for waterproofing terraces and bathrooms and may be added to quartz sand to provide permanent waterproof coatings.

Advantages :

• It is an all purpose adhesive which solves numerous fixing problems.
• It waterproofs and fixes simultaneously.
• It eliminates problems when fixing to surfaces subjected to vibration and deformation because of its excellent flexibility.

Tips :

• Use the product at temperatures no lower than +10°C and not above +40°C.
• Remember that as the temperature rises, setting speeds up, thus reducing handling time.
• Do not apply ELASTOCOL AB on surfaces wich are wet or subjected to rising damp.
• Remove any oil, grease or crumbling parts from surfaces.
• Clean tools with water and surfaces with alcohol while still fresh.
• Store the original closed packaging in a dry place. Keep away from frost and from high temperature.
• Pot life may change from 1 to 2 hours.