Beton Fluid For Restoring Concrete – Index -20kg

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Special anti-shrinkage super-fluid binders.


Problem :

  • Restoring concrete and repairing concrete paving.

Solution :

BETON FLUID is a special binder that, when mixed with water, provide an anti-shrinkage injection mortar, when mixed with suitable grain-size curve and water, is used to package grout and/or unsegregated shrinking-compensating liquid concrete with very high mechanical resistance and excellent pump-ability.

Application Fields :

BETON FLUID, when mixed with water only or diluted with a filler with a granulometry lower than 0.1 mm, allows the creation of anti-shrinkage injection mortar to consolidate concrete, masonry and stone structures. It provides restorations with thickness ratios exceeding 10 cm. For thicknesses up to 10 cm, dose BETONFLUID at 350-500 kg per m3 with a filler with suitable grain-size curve from 0.1 to 4 mm.
For thicknesses up to 10 cm, dose BETON FLUID at 300-400 kg per m3 with a filler with suitable grain size curve from 0.1 to 20 mm (0.5 m3 sand 0.1-4 mm + 0.5 m3 gravel 4-20 mm). BETON FLUID is used to repair the structure of concrete elements such as:
• concrete slabs and decks;
• coatings of hydraulic structures subject to abrasion;
• special items and draining asphalt.

Advantages :

• Absence of shrinkage to prevent crack problems.
• Time and money savings compared to traditional solutions, thanks to quick setting and improved work-ability.
• High workability time.

Method Of Use :

SURFACE PREPARATION remove all the detaching loose parts until reaching good concrete, eliminate any trace of oil, grease and dirt in general. Roughen the smooth surfaces with mechanical means and wash with pressurized water. Any reinforcing rods must be cleaned until the metal is white and protected with STRATO FER – Index. If the section of the rods is insufficient after cleaning, replaced them. Any water penetration must be blocked to avoid the washout of the mortar while setting.

• MIX PREPARATION BETON FLUID must be mixed with clean water while maintaining a water/cement ratio lower than 0.45 by using suitable mixers until a homogeneous and fluid mix with no lumps is obtained. Do not prolong the mixing time beyond 3 minutes, do not use high speed mixers and do not mix by hand.

APPLICATION the BETON FLUID mix is applied by pouring into suitable shuttering. While pouring, assist the sliding with iron rods and ensure that the mortar has filled all the cavities. Do not remove the shuttering for at least 24-48 hours according to the temperatures. Use an anticurring agent in case of high temperatures or exposure to direct sunshine.

Tips :

• Do not use with temperatures lower than +5°C or exceeding + 35°C.
• Use cold water in the summer and at around 20°c in the winter.
• Do not add foreign materials such as cement, chalk, lime, etc.
• Do not add water when the mix starts to set.
• Do not wet the surfaces of the construction.

  • Coverage is approx 0,4-1,4 kg/dm³