Triple Layer – Horizontal Storage Tanks

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  • NTG

Light like plastic, Strong like steel

Nassar Techno Group offers the largest range of polyethylene tanks in the region. NTG’s Triple-Layer Tanks maintain the temperature and purity of the water inside them. Nassar Techno Group developed an innovative external solid-skin layer to protect the fluid inside the tanks from shocks and UV light. The tanks’ second layer, made of polyethylene foam, provides thermal insulation and adds strength to the tanks. The internal layer is free from colorants. NTG’s Triple-Layer Tanks are German DIN certified by MFPA Weimar in Germany (The German Official Testing Center), as being harmless for the storage of drinking water and food (Test report nr. B en). They come with a 20-year warranty.

Type Capacity (L) a (mm) b (mm) Connector (inch)
CTH08 80 500 540 0.5
CTH3 300 750 880 0.75
CTH5 500 900 1020 0.75
CTT1 1000 1220 1090 1
CTT2 2000 1500 1380 1.5
CTT3 3000 1650 1660 1.5
CTT4 4000 1770 1880 1.5