Spray Gun with Double Function

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  • Ronix

-Double function spray gun with both gravity and suction performance
-1000cc suction cup plus 600cc gravity cup for maximum efficiency
-Two different nozzle sizes including 1.6mm, to meet your different needs small nozzles are more suitable for topcoats and large nozzles are suitable for primers
-Separate and adjustable fluid and fan pattern make for more precise fan patterns and less waste
-Reduces over spray and allows you to spray larger surfaces without having to stop
-Hold gun at any angle with various fill levels while maintaining proper suction and without spilling paint from canister
-One-piece all steel gun body, rust-resistant stainless steel nozzle and solid brass cap for durability and longevity
-The stainless steel needles and precision air caps, is ideal for a fully atomized and consistent spray pattern for a smooth professional finish-Polished aluminum cup for light weight and easy clean up
-Ergonomic plastic handle for more convenient use
-Perfect for spraying oil-based or latex paints, ideal for medium to large size painting jobs in a wide variety of automotive, home, and furniture applications