Pipe Welding Machine – 4401 –

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  • Ronix

-2000W advanced thermal system with two powerful elements results in high uniform heat during socket welding operation
-Thickened and widened heating plate can store heat for a long time and improve efficiency
-Teflon coated heating plate secures uniform heating and longer lifetime
-Non-stick die heads with uniform and stable thermal conductivity, can be used to melt PB/ PP / PPR / PE and other plastic pipes to achieve seamless welding
-High quality anti-slip Ronix-design handle makes it safer to use and more comfortable to hold
-High-performance insulator which is placed between the body and heating plate minimizes the heat transmission between these two parts and reduces waste heat
-Easy to operate manual temperature control for adjusting
-Red light thermal cut-off switch for controlling the heat power in half or full modes
-Applicable complete kit including extra heating plate, safety gloves, meter, PVC cutter and spanners which satisfies all your requirements in socket welding operation