Mineral Helastopol Polyester – Index – 4kg

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Elastomeric waterproofing membrane based on thermoplastic radial styrene-butadiene rubber.

MINERAL HELASTOPOL POLYESTER are elastomeric polymer-bitumen waterproofing membranes with rot-proof, composite reinforcement made of “non-woven” polyester fabric stabilized with fibreglass to guarantee a dimensional stability which is from two to three times higher than that of normal “nonwoven” polyester fabric.

The mix used in HELASTOPOL POLYESTER membranes is based on distilled bitumen and “phase inversion” thermoplastic rubber, in which the elastomer constitutes the continuous polymeric matrix and the bitumen the dispersed phase. The thermoplastic rubber, made up of a block copolymer of radial styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS), gives the mix high elasticity and flexibility at low temperatures. The polyolefins are added to the SBS-bitumen mix to increase the heat resistance and rigidity so as to make the membrane easier to lay in the summer season whilst maintaining most of the exceptional elasticity characteristics of the rubber-bitumen compound. Both faces of HELASTOPOL POLYESTER
are covered in Flamina hot-melt film, which guarantees the sealing of the joints and fast, secure adhesion to the laying surface. MINERAL HELASTOPOL POLYESTER is produced with its upper face self-protected by slate granules and its lower face covered in the aforementioned hot-melt film. The MINERAL membranes have a black lateral overlapping slate-free strip.

Application Fields :

The HELASTOPOL membranes can be used for a wide variety of applications. Thanks to their elasticity at low temperatures they can be used in cold climates where traditional bituminous membranes are unsuitable. Waterproofing systems using HELASTOPOL membranes can be used for both sloping and flat roofs, concrete tile or concrete surfaces, single slab or prefabricated, on metal decks, timber structures and stressed structures. They are also suitable for use on thermal insulation elements and inverted roofs. Can be used both on thermal insulation elements and on inverted roofs. Can be left exposed (type: MINERAL) or under heavy gravel protection or floors.

HELASTOPOL membranes can be used for refurbishments as they are compatible with old bitumen coverings.