Jointing Machine, Virutex AB111N

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  • Virutex

The jointing machine AB111N is specially designed for grooving panels in any position. Thanks to the design of its micro-metric fence, which can be adjusted at any height and angle, and to a graphic signs it is not necessarry to take exact measurements, due that it is possible a lateral deplacement of 2 cm for adjusting the joint, once made the groove. A pre-adjusted stopper allows to select the different grooving depths fast and easy. The machine can work usually on panels of 16, 19 and 22 mm thickness, but it is possible to work on thicker pieces thanks to the movable fence which allows to center perfectly the grooves. It is advisable to make three or more grooves to have stronger joints.

Double insulation
Input power: 800 W
Blade: 100x22x4 mm
No-load speed: 10.000/min
Max. slotting depth: 20 mm
Weight: 2,6 Kg
Standard equipment
Cutter milling 100 x 22 x 4, of 2 teeth and 2+2 spurs

Carrying case