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ELASTOBOND is an extremely-elastic synthetic polymer-based modifier in a water solution. When it is mixed with cement mortars it improves bonding to all types of support surfaces.
ELASTOBOND achieves elastic adhesion that can absorb structural movements by support surfaces without cracking. At the same time it is perfectly impermeable to water.

Problem :

Bonds to old foundations or especially smooth support surfaces are a common problem when laying ceramic tiles. Problems also arise with structures subjected to vibrations that can cause cracking of foundations. In these cases it is good practice to incorporate an adhesion-enhancer in the cement mix to make it more flexible and able to absorb structural vibrations.

Application Fields :

ELASTOBOND is used with cement mortars to make universal adhesives for ceramic tiles of all types and for slabs of natural stone. It is used for outdoors setting of wall coverings, balconies, terraces, prefabricated concrete walls, swimming pools, cold cells, on existing ceramic and marble tile floors, floor foundations subject to strong oscillations or made using quick curing cements, heated floors, etc.

Tips :

• Use ELASTOBOND in temperatures ranging from +5°C to +40°C.
• Setting times decrease rapidly when the product is used in hot weather because the resin quickly forms a surface film.
This film must be removed by retrowelling the mortar.
• Store at temperatures above freezing. The product is no longer usable if it has been frozen.
• Damp concrete foundations can greatly lengthen curing time.
• Grout after 24 hours.
• Clean tools with water immediately after use.
• Avoid preparing the mix by hand.
• The product is damaged by freezing. Keep the product indoors and where temperatures do not drop below +5°C.

Appearance                                                                                                              milky
Colour                                                                                                                       white
Specific gravity (volumetric mass)                                                                   1.01 kg/l
Solid residue (Din 53189)                                                                                 35% ± 1%
PH                                                                                                                                8-9
Minimum film temperature                                                                                  0 °C
Flammability                                                                                                  non flammable
Resistance to aging                                                                                                 good
Resistance to solvents and oils                                                                          excellent
ELASTOBOND-Extrabond adjustment time                                            40 – 60 minutes
Mix duration about                                                                                            6 – 8 hours

Storage life in original drums 12 months at room temperature.