Test Pen – 2718 –

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  • Ronix

-Multi-color electrometric voltage light test pen designed on the basis of Ronix standards for high-efficiency electrical functions
-The rods manufactured from high-quality stainless steel which secures high performance in long-term usage
-Ergonomic non-slip designed handle made from ABS environmental plastic for comfortable grip
-Insulated ABS plastic cover for higher safety during electronic operations
-High-quality replaceable xenon lamp enables high visibility in different situations even in intense light
-Two kinds of applications, one for measuring circuit electrical pen and the other for screwdriver
-Nickel coated tips for perfect fitting in the screw profiles
-Working voltage between 120 to 250V
-Electronic safety resistor secures safety of operation
-Copper cap for more efficiency
-Meets BS, EN & ASDN standards
-Unique Ronix design display color box allows users to select their favorite colors easily