Orbital Sander – 6406 –

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  • Ronix

Model 6406
Power 320W
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
No-Load OPM 12000 RPM
Pad size 125mm
Weight 1.74kg
Supplied in Ronix color box
Includes Carbon brush 1pair; 1pcs;
Dust collecting
bag; Abrasive paper 1pcs;
Manual service book 1pcs

■ High efficiency, powerful 320W motor delivers a smooth
performance over a variety of sanding applications
■ Superlight, compact and handy machine for comfortable
one-handed operations
■ Special soft-grip design provides stable handling and
extended comfort
■ Low-vibration working as a result of smooth-running operation
■ Anti-dust ball bearings ensure the durability of the motor and
make it work more smoothly and more efficiently
■ Anti-dust switch with a rubber cover for reducing dust
■ 6-step variable speed control which can satisfy different