Happywall – Chalkboard Paint

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Prime the surface with Undercoat with a specific dilution up to 25% depending on the
surface condition.
Prime steel surfaces with metal primer.
Thin with White Spirit (20 – 30% for brush/roller and spray application). Thickness of
paint film depends on condition of surface.
Apply 2-3 coats of the product.
Clean tools and equipment with solvent immediately after use.

An Alkyd based washable finish for creating cleanable color panels. It is suitable for the
maintenance of boards and for designing chalkboard surfaces.
1- High performance and durability
2- Fast drying
3- Excellent wash ability
4- Easy cleaning properties
5- Resistant to repeated wiping and cleaning, stains, mineral & vegetable oils,
cleaning detergent solutions…
6- Excellent abrasion resistance
7- Excellent adhesion on wood, concrete and metal surfaces.
It can be applied over previously coated chalkboard surfaces as well as many other
concrete and wooden substrates such as walls and doors including kitchens and children’s
bedrooms where a matte chalkboard is required.
Surfaces should be solid, clean and dry, free from oil, grease, salt, dust and other
1- Alkaline and acid surfaces should be cleaned and neutralized.
2- Deteriorated previous coatings, weak and blistered paints or chalky substances
should be removed by scrapers, paint removers or flame spraying.
3- Hard, glossy areas should be dulled with sandpaper to ensure proper adhesion.
4- Steel surfaces should be rust free, clean & primed.
5- Non-disintegrated paints or glossy surfaces of previous coatings should be
roughened slightly with sand paper to ensure good adhesion.
6- Holes, crevices, hollows, irregularities etc … should be filled with READY